Oxbow Animal Health 3 Pack of Enriched Life Curly Vine Ring Small PEt Chews


3 pack. Your little muncher will be happily nibbling and gnawing the Oxbow Curly Vine Ring Small Animal Chew Toy. This 100% pet-safe toy helps enrich your guinea pig’s life with interactive play and chewing fun. The wreath shaped toy is made up of a variety of textures that will be sure to excite and engage your four-legged friend’s bite. Help nurture your small sidekick’s mind and body through an instinctual accessory that encourages tons of squealing delight. The Curly Vine is also great for your rabbit or other small animal.

  • Innovatively designed to meet key instinctual needs of small pets
  • Encourages mental and physical enrichment
  • Wide assortment of items provides fun and stimulating play
  • Made with safe, natural materials
  • Pack of 3

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