Tidy Cats Scoop Instant Action - 14 Lb (Pack Of 1)



  • Instant action immediate odor control
  • For multiple cats.
  • Strong clumps. Easy to clean up.

PartNumber: 70230117168

Details: "Tidy Cats litter combines next level clumping technology with superior odour control to help maintain a fresh and clean litter box. This clumping cat litter neutralises odours fast, making it ideal for use in small spaces. It forms tight clumps on contact with liquid making it easy to remove urine and is 99.6% dust free to reduce dusty footprints and tracking. One jug lasts a single cat a whole month, simply remove clumps and solid waste and top up the litter as needed, replacing the entire box after a month of use."

UPC: 070230117168

EAN: 0070230117168

Model: 70230117168

Binding: Misc.

Item Condition: New

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