Reptisun 26053 T5 HO Terrarium Hood, 24" + (1 Bulb Inside + 1 Extra) Lamp ReptiSun 5.0 & 10.0 UVB T5 HO, 24 Watts

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  • DESIGN: High Output Bulb with new low profile design.(perfect Lamp +1 bulb inside + 1 bulb extra)
  • CONVENIENCE: High Output Light Fixture for your reptiles with convenient on/off switch.
  • EFFICIENCY: Highly Polished Curved Reflector for Increased Lamp Efficiency.
  • PERFORMANCE: Enerygy Efficient T5 HO electronoc Ballast for rapid Start and Maximum Lamp Performance.
  • USED AND PROVIDES: Use with a Zoo Med Reptisun TF HO Lamp to provide UVB, UVA and Visible Light for your Reptile.

Publisher: Zoo Med

Details: Zoo Med’s New ReptiSun T5 High Output bulbs provide the UVB and UVA from our long time trusted ReptiSun lamps in a stronger output version. Zoo med reptisun 5.0 &10.0 uvb (We suggest you try to decide which one is better) t5 ho high output lamp emits uvb a full 20/51cm from the surface of the lamp to prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease. (Compared to 12"/30cm on the reptisun 5.0). optimal for use with larger terrariums where greater than 12" of uvb penetration is needed. The reptisun 10.0 is also recommended for use above screen covers which can filter out up to 50% of the uvb wavelengths.

Package Dimensions: 27.1 x 6.0 x 2.5 inches

Item Condition: New

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