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by Red Sea
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Brand: Red Sea


  • Reef foundation ABC+ powder supplement is a foundation element complex for the balanced formation of coral skeletons
  • Calcium, magnesium, strontium and carbonate are the basic foundation elements of coral skeletons
  • All of these elements need to be available in balanced proportions for coral health and growth
  • Reef foundation ABC+ is a blend of all of the foundation elements with the addition of potassium and bromine in the unique ratio required by corals
  • Available in 1-kilogram pack

Details: A successful coral reef aquarium depends on how well you maintain the water parameters which are the key to a stable coral environment. All of the elements found in natural seawater play a role in providing optimal water parameters, but some are more significant than others. These elements, the foundation of the reef environment, include the three major elements: Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg) and Carbonates (CO3). All three have a major effect on water chemistry (pH stability, Alkalinity, ionic strength) and on many of the coral’s biological processes (skeleton formation, ions exchange, photosynthesis). The foundation elements complement each other in the formation of coral skeleton. If not balanced correctly one of the elements will quickly limit healthy coral growth. Reef Foundation A: Contains Calcium, Strontium, and Barium according to the ratios found in coral skeleton. Concentration: 1ml will raise the Ca level of 100 liters (25 gal) by 2ppm Reef Foundation B (Alk): A complex of carbonate and other buffers present in seawater that maintain proper alkalinity and pH. Concentration: 1ml will raise the alkalinity of 100 liters (25gal) by 0. 36 meq/l (1dKH)Reef Foundation C (Mg): A blend of Magnesium salts. Concentration: 1ml will raise the Mg level of 100 liters (25gal) by 1ppm. **Please Note** This reef supplement simplifies daily dosing by combining Reef Foundation A, B C in to one powder.

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