Nature's Ocean Aqua Terra Black Sand 5 lb Bag, Natural Aquarium Sand


Brand: Nature's Ocean


  • Natural Coated Sands
  • 100% Acrylic Coating
  • Will not alter the chemistry of your aquarium water
  • Non-toxic
  • Colorfast

Details: Aqua Terra Black Aquarium Sand 5LBS (Grain size: 0.75 -1.5mm). Use them in your aquariums and ponds to make the floor bottom look great. It provides living space for beneficial microbes and anchoring for plants. It also helps with the filtering process of the water in your aquarium tank or pond by increasing the surface area available for nitrifying bacteria to colonize. Recommended Uses:Fresh & Saltwater Aquariums. Ponds. Terrariums. Gardens. Po

UPC: 0729904800355

EAN: 729904800355

Item Condition: New

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