Lixit Original Super Seal Water Bottle for Rabbits, Cats, Ferrets, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils and Other Small Animals.

by Lixit
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  • THE ORIGINAL LIXIT SMALL ANIMAL BOTTLE: The Super Seal is the original Lixit small animal water bottle. Proudly made in the United States since 1975.
  • THE PERFECT SIZE: The 16oz bottle is perfect for Guiana Pigs, Hamsters, Dwarf Rabbits. Ferrets and other small Animals.
  • SUPER SEAL: The Super Seal uses the original Lixit two piece tube and stopper design. The tube is pressed into a high quality stopper made from research quality rubber. The rubber stopper slides inside the bottle to create a large sealing area. The two piece tube and stopper design does not have any additional washers that can be lost when refilling the bottle.
  • SAFE CONTRUCTION: The 16oz bottle is designed for indoor and outdoor use. The bottle can withstand UV rays outside and is BPA free. The Tube and stopper design does not have any plastic components that are inside the cage.
  • FUN GRAPHICS: This water bottle is sure to lighten up your pet cage while providing fresh water to your pet.

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