GloFish Special Flake Food

by GloFish
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GloFish bring the wonder of having an aquarium to everyone in the family. GloFish come in already brilliant and vibrant colors but the GloFish Special Flake Dry Fish Food is formulated to enhance those natural colors of not only GloFish but other bright, tropical species. The GloFish proprietary formula is suitable for all fluorescent GloFish as well as all small to mid sized tropical fish. Consumer panel tests show that GloFish fed this specialized diet are rated brighter and more vibrant than fish fed a comparable national brand flake food. GloFish’s colorful 4 flake blend is meant to be fed to fish two to three times daily, in small amounts, only as much as your fish can consume within a minute or so. Packed with powerful customized amino acids the GloFish Special Flake Dry Fish Food is proven to brighten fish after a consistent diet of the flakes. The flakes come with the TetraCare knowledge and expertise.

  • Proprietary formula
  • Maximizes brightness
  • Optimized for GloFish fluorescent fish and other tropical fish
  • Colorful 4 flake blend
  • Customized amino acids make GloFish brighter

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