Fluker's High Calcium Dubia Roach Diet, 14 Ounces, for Reptile Feeder Insects

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Every reptile owner knows that calcium is essential to proper bone growth in their pets, and that dubia roaches are deficient in calcium. Fluker's Hi Calcium Dubia Roach Diet enables reptile keepers to gut-load feeder roaches in order to increase their vitamin and mineral content prior to offering them as prey. In addition, this product serves as a bedding for your roaches. This veterinarian-formulated diet establishes a positive calcium-to-phosphorus ratio in live roaches which enables reptiles to benefit—not only from the nutritional value of the roach itself—but from the insect's nutrient-rich, gut content as well. This is the only roach diet clinically proven to create a positive calcium to phosphorus ratio in roaches when fed as directed!

  • Establishes a positive calcium-to-phosphorus ratio
  • Veterinarian-formulated diet for "gut-loading" feeder roaches

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