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Espoma Organic Holly-Tone 4-3-4 Natural & Organic Evergreen & Azalea Plant Food; 4 lb. Bag; The Original & Best Fertilizer for All Acid Loving Plants Including Rhododendrons & Hydrangeas

by Espoma
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Brand: Espoma


  • THE ORIGINAL: Holly-tone is the original plant food for all acid loving plants. Holly-tone’s natural organics break down slowly to provide a long-lasting reservoir of plant nutrients.
  • FOR USE ON: Not just for Holly; Use Holly-tone organic fertilizer for azaleas, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, blueberries, evergreens, strawberries, camellias, and all plants that thrive in acidic soils.
  • CONTAINS: Holly-tone is a rich blend of the finest natural & organic ingredients enhanced with our exclusive Bio-tone formula; 4-3-4 Fertilizer analysis with 5% sulfur. Holly-tone is environmentally Safe - No sludges or toxic ingredients.
  • WHEN / HOW TO USE: Best to use Holly-tone fertilizer spring and fall on flowering & evergreen shrubs. For berries use in the early and late spring. Apply to the soil around the drip line of the plant and then water thoroughly. Holly-tone is ready to use and requires no mixing.
  • FOR ORGANIC GARDENING: Holly-tone is approved for organic gardening; It is a registered Organic Input Material meaning it meets all requirements for organic production.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Product of the Espoma Company. The leader in natural organics since 1929.

Details: Espoma's Holly-Tone is backed by 80+ years of proven success, and rich in natural organics. This natural alternative to use around people and pets will boost growth and production for azaleas, blueberries, evergreens, hollies, raspberries, strawberries and many more acid-loving plants! It's long-lasting, and won't burn or leach away; plus, it's enhanced with Espoma's exclusive Bio-Tone formula to help plants establish fast, develop deeper roots, and more prolific flowers, fruit, and overall growth. The #1 choice and recommendation of professional nurserymen for decades, it is a great nutrient source for these acid-loving plants: amaryllis, Andromeda, aster, azalea, bayberry, bleeding-heart, blueberry, camellia, dogwood, evergreens, ferns, fir, gardenia, heath, heather, hemlock, holly, huckleberry, hydrangea, inkberry, juniper, leucothoe, lily-of-the-valley, lupine, magnolia, marigold, mountain ash, mountain laurel, oak, pachysandra, phlox, pieris, pine, raspberry, rhododendron, spruce, strawberries, white cedar, wood sorrel and more! Holly-Tone feeds your plants naturally and will not force rapid growth at the expense of blooms and superior development.

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