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Buddy Splash Dog Deodorizer & Dog Conditioner, Easy Spray-On Formula for Grooming

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Brand: Buddy Biscuits


  • LEAVE-IN DOG CONDITIONER – Take your pup from scruffy to fluffy with a few sprays of our dog conditioner after a proper dog wash, or between washes.
  • DOG DEODORIZER – Botanical extracts of lavender & mint deodorize and refresh your dog's coat without leaving a residue or smelling perfumey.
  • GENTLE PET CLEANER – pH-balanced formula with lower acidity keeps your dog's skin healthy and hydrated.
  • FOR DOG BEDS TOO – Freshen up dog bedding in between laundering, use in your car after a hike or long trip. Safe for use on an as-needed basis.
  • MADE IN THE USA – This spray is made in the USA with ingredients like aloe vera juice, vitamin C, and natural dog deodorizer, wheat protein extract.

Publisher: Buddy Biscuits

Details: Product Description We all love our dogs, but a distinct "dog smell" is less than lovable. Buddy Splash keeps things fresh between each dog wash or pet grooming appointment. This combination dog conditioner and dog deodorizer does double duty, hydrating your dog's skin and coat, and leaving a natural and non-perfumey lasting scent. Even use on dog beds or in the car after a hike or long road trip with your pup. Buddy Splash is made in the USA with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Use this gentle, spray-on dog conditioner to refresh and soften your dog's coat without causing itching or drying. Safe for frequent use. – Easy, spray-on dog conditioner / dog deodorizer – Use in between each dog wash or as a leave-in dog conditioner anytime – Botanical Extracts of lavender & mint are gentle on dog's skin and smell amazing (not perfumey) – Safe for use on dog beds and dog bedding – Made in the USA – Formula includes aloe vera juice, vitamin C, wheat protein extract, a natural dog deodorizer Ingredients: Deionized water, natural conditioner base, aloe vera juice, essence of lavender, essence of mint, wheat protein extract (natural deodorizing agent), vitamin C, vitamin B5. About Buddy Wash Buddy Wash began when a couple of pet lovers couldn't find wholesome grooming products for their pets' unique needs, so they decided to make them themselves. They developed refreshing spritzers and nourishing shampoos and conditioners using simple ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Every product is safe for humans and pets, made in the USA and never tested on animals. Try our other grooming products: Buddy Wash: shampoo & conditioner to nourish skin and make coats velvety soft Buddy Rinse: leave in conditioner, added after bath to moisturize and fresh scent Buddy Splash: deodorizer & conditioner to refresh your dog's coat with lasting scent Your Name Here Explore Cloud Star’s complete line ofall-natural pet products! ALL NATURAL DOG TREATS: Original Buddy Biscuits The original low allergen dog treat. Bacon & Cheese • Roasted Chicken • Molasses • Peanut Butter • Veggie • Sweet Potato Soft & Chewy Buddy Biscuits Quite possibly the best soft dog treats ever, with low fat options. Grilled Beef • Bacon &Cheese • Roasted Chicken • Duck • Peanut Butter • Lamb • Sweet Potato Itty Bitty Buddy Biscuits Smaller sized Original Buddy Biscuits, with the same big taste. Bacon & Cheese • Roasted Chicken • Molasses • Peanut Butter • Veggie • Sweet Potato Bake at Home Buddy Biscuits Every good dog deserves freshly baked dog treats. Cheese Chewy Tricky Trainers The perfect chewy training treats - free of corn and soy. Cheddar • Liver• Salmon Crunchy Tricky Trainers The perfect crunchy training treats - free of wheat, corn and soy. Cheddar • Liver • Salmon Provenance 100% Grain Free, wholesome treats. Cheese & Potato • Chicken & Potato • White Fish & Potato Muttos Two delicious flavors in every treat. Oatmeal & Blueberry •Peanut Butter & Green AppleTurkey & Cranberry • Duck & Sweet Potato Trail Hound Low fat dog snacks, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Yogurt, Apple & Banana • Peanut Butter • Chicken & Sweet Potato King Voltaire Natural Dog Treats Wholesome, delicious, and fun natural treats. Chicken Pot Pie King Voltaire Soft & Chewy Soft and chewy treats, made with natural ingredients. Macaroni & Cheese •Peanut Butter & Jelly • Chicken Pot Pie ALL NATURAL GROOMING PRODUCTS: Buddy Wash Gentle two-in-one shampoo + conditioner Lavender & Mint • Rosemary & Mint • Green Tea & Bergamot Buddy Rinse Deep conditioner, leaving coats shiny, soft and tangle free. Lavender & Mint Buddy Splash Spritzer and conditioner, perfect for lasting freshness. Lavender & Mint • Rosemary & Mint • Green Tea & Bergamot Buddy Splash - From Scruffy to Fluffy Free dogs from D.O. (Doggy Odor) with Buddy Splash, specially formulated to deodorize, soften, and refresh furry friends

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