Beggin' Strips Dog Treats, Bacon and Beef Flavor, 6 Oz Pouch

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Dogs don’t know it’s not bacon, that’s why Begin’ Strips have been known to make dogs do some crazy things! They come running’ as soon as they get a whiff of that balcony aroma.

As it wafts through the house, they answer the call with tongues out, eyes popped and tails Waggin’! Each Begin’ Strip dog treat is made with real bacon and is sure to unleash a good time with your dog.


  • One 6-Ounce Pouch Of Purina Begin' Strips Bacon And Beef Flavors Brand Dog Treat
  • Just When You Thought The Taste Of Bacon Was At It's Best We Went And Added Beef Flavor To Give Dogs A Double Dose Of Meaty Tastiness!
  • Each mouthwatering meaty strip is made with real bacon and is sure to make your dog flip with excitement!
  • Dogs Don't Know It's Not Bacon
  • Feed Only As A Treat To Your Adult Dog No Matter How Much He Begs For It At Dinnertime. (See Back Panel For Feeding Instructions.)
  • It looks, smells and is made with real bacon! Creates real moments of laughter and fun between owner and dog.

Brand: Purina Beggin'

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