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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (2 Pack) API Algae Eater Premium Sinking Wafer for Algae Eating Fish 3.7 Ounces

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Color: Multi-colored


  • Contains 2 API algae eater WAFERS algae wafer fish food 3.7-Ounce container
  • Made with nutrient rich blend to provide algae eaters with a complete and balanced diet
  • Includes algae and Omega-3 Fatty acids that algae-eating fish need for optimal health and growth
  • Formulated to help fish more readily use nutrients which means less waste and clean, clear water
  • Pack of 2

PartNumber: 840B

Details: The breakthrough formula of API ALGAE EATER WAFERS Fish Food includes a unique, nutritionally enhanced protein to ensure easy uptake of nutrients and enhanced absorption. Fish more readily use the nutrients and release up to 30% less ammonia, for cleaner, clearer water. The result is healthier fish living in a healthier environment. API ALGAE EATER WAFERS Fish Food contains a rich blend of algae plus Omega-3 fatty acids to help promote healthy growth. This unique formula also contain alfalfa, a good source of fiber. API ALGAE EATER WAFERS Fish Food is a complete & balanced diet to meet the nutritional requirements of all algae-eating fish, including Plecos (Plecostomus), Ancistrus and Otocinclus. API Fish Food is formulated for a variety of popular fish such as cichlids, goldfish, tetra, betta, angelfish and more with high quality ingredients fish love such as algae, shrimp, worms and more. Keep your fish healthy, happy and colorful with food that contains optimal levels of nutrients as well as helps produce less waste, toxins and stress. For delayed release try API VACATION and WEEKEND PYRAMID FEEDERS.

UPC: 317163028407

EAN: 0317163028407

Model: 840B

Binding: Electronics

Item Condition: New

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