Zoo Med Daylight Blue Reptile Bulb [Set of 2] Watt: 60 Watts




  • 2 60-watt Daylight Blue Reptile Bulbs
  • Provides heat, daylight, and UVA rays for your reptile's habitat
  • Made of a true blue glass (not painted or coated) for better heat transfer
  • Bright, attractive light output accentuates your animal’s natural colors for maximum viewing pleasure
  • Economical daytime heat source provides beneficial UVA rays for the psychological health of reptile and amphibian species


DB-60 Watt: 60 Watts



-True blue glass (not painted or coated) for better heat transfer.

-Use in horizontal facing light hoods.

-Provides UVA rays to promote psychological well being and stimulate normal feeding behaviors.

Product Type: -Lighting.

Reptile: -Amphibian.

Dimensions: 5.7'' H x 2.5'' W x 2.4'' D.

Overall Product Weight: -0.25 Pounds.

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