Bravo! Premium Freeze-Dried Training Treats for Dogs, Turkey 2.5 OZ

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Regular training, as well as daily treating, almost always involves the use of lots of treats. The typical grocery store treat is loaded with grains and preservatives and it is not healthy. Fed in quantity, over time, they can lead to unwanted and unintended health problems. So we developed Bravo! Training Treats for a healthy treat for use when you train, or as a nutritious every day reward for simply being a good dog. Pure turkey muscle meat from the thigh of the bird is an excellent choice for frequent treating. Because it is 100% pure muscle meat, with nothing added, it is an excellent choice for dogs with allergy issues. As with all Bravo! poultry items, we use turkeys raised without the use of hormones and we buy only the best quality meat. These treats are an all-natural freeze dried product with no grains, filler preservatives or additives.

  • Made From 100% Muscle And Organ Meats And Real Vermont Cheddar Cheese.
  • Contain No Grains, Fillers Or Unnecessary Additives Of Any Kind. Perfectly Sized To Be Held Between Two Fingers For Easy Hand-To-Dog Feeding.
  • Chosen For Their Pet Appeal - They Offer The Perfect, Flavor, Texture And Aroma That Dogs Love To "Earn" For Good Behavior.
  • Freeze Dried So They Are Not Greasy Or Messy In Your Hand Or In Your Pocket.
  • Packaged In A Re-Closable Bag That Helps Keep Them Fresh.

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